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Learn2Earn free Course

October 22, 2012

Learn2Earn free Course
Hi Everyone,
I am from Dhaka, capital city of Bangladesh known as the only one nation who fight for their Language and give a UN Day of 21st February to respect the Mother Language.
The world of internet is an world of unlimited opportunity to the verity of direction and we love to introduce the opportunities.

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I have completed my education till Master degree, after that I had a massive learning and working experience with more then 8 countries and variety of sectors such as Military, electronics, computer, studio, garments, printing etc.

Now, in present I became a full time online worker, developing own website. Which I love to say, “oil your own head”. Love to work at market places online.

My passion is to bring the opportunity of earning online and open the door to ALL.

An opportunity to learn2earn online for free and always will be.
Basic qualification to earn : 1. Read and write ENGLISH, 2. Have an email account, 3. National ID Card ( that means 18+), 4. A mobile contact No. 5. Not love PTC only.

Do you still like facebook pages free?
Do you still read email for free?
Do you still twitt for free?
Do you still away from affiliate marketting?
I don’t ..

Online work, online marketing, computer trouble shooting, low cost computers these all are my favorite works, I love to do this type of work.

Now I am going to start a free orientation course for free which will be open only for the people of Mirpur, Dhaka.

The best part of the course, of course the option, No need to pay for the course. But there are more surprising option in it. Try to guess, try try and try, I am sure you were not having the thought what I am going to tell. I will train every individual at their home in their own computer. Did you guess that? If you do you are not a general person.

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